Note: I have recently set up my English blog «Persian View» at persianview.net

Here is «Panevesht». This is a Persian weblog written by Payam Moin Afshari. I am a Computer (Software) Engineer in Iran – Tehran and also most of my professional experiences have been in this field. I – like many others – started with programming which last for years, and then I switched to Web Development. After that I started my experiences with Networks. We started a network consultation group named «Adiran» and for about 3 years we were designing and implementing networks for many companies. All this time, I’ve always been a teacher and I’ve given many courses in Industrial Management Institute.

During this period, I started teaching «Excel» to the CEO of «ADP» a fast growing IT company. We only had our Excel class once, but as a result of this relationship, I stayed there for another 3 years! At that time SMS based applications were a whole new idea in Iran and we were pioneers of this industry. Working with «SMS» introduced me to the amazing world of «Telecommunications» and now I’m working at Nokia Siemens Networks, specifically in the field of telecommunication.

All this time – and maybe since day one – «Writing» has been a part of my life. I always had the dream of having a technical weblog. First it was the idea of a training weblog and then it changed to a pure technical weblog and at last it was «Panevesht»: a technical weblog for different types of audiences.

But why «Panevesht»? «Panevesht» means «Foot Note» in Farsi. Foot notes are interesting because they are not a part of the main document, yet they are very important. They are such important that sometimes the main document is useless without them! «Panevesht» is also a combination of «Pa», the first letters of «Payam Afshari» and «Nevesht» that is the 3rd person of the verb «Neveshtan» which means «Writing».

Except from computer and technology, I’m very interested in Arts and Human Sciences. Such interested that sometimes I think that I’m wrongfully a computer engineer! Because of this, I’ve worked for many years in «Elahe Gallery» and there I developed the First Iranian Painting website. I’m also very interested in Art History and the Theory of Art.

And the last (but not the least), I’ve been writing in «Gav o Goldoon» with the alias of  «Gav» (Cow) beside my friend «Goldoon» (Vase), for many years, regarding all the non-technological issues.

Please note that the contents of this weblog are all in Farsi (Persian) and are prepared mostly for Iranian users. I don’t know when, but I hope very soon I start «Panevesht» in English as well. I have also set up my English blog «Persian View», aimed at non-Iranian audiences at persianview.net. If something has brought you here, please continue your journey to my English blog as well!

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  1. Payam Jaan, For some reason Persianview.net is not working. Would you please let me know if the website is up and running and it is just my internet provider filtering it?
    great job in Panevesht. I love your blogs…

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